Roadkill Art joins Roadkill Chef's for the only Roadkill Festival in the US.

Roadkill Art “the App” will be at the Roadkill Cook Off Festival to celebrate ‚National Roadkill Day‘!

Roadkill Art joins Roadkill Chef's for the only Roadkill Festival in the US.

Roadkill Art joins Roadkill Chef’s in the only Roadkill Festival.

Fry it and it will be gone in no time.

You can quickly and easily find them in the application, fry them or prepare a hearty stew.

Celebrate the value of roadkill with roadkill recipes.

Celebrate the value of roadkill with the roadkill recipe on September 25th!

Roadkill Art has hit the road making the trip to Marlinton, West Virginia where Roadkill is prized, greatly appreciated and celebrated annually.

Pull it out of the way, cure it, grill it, eat it, then turn it into art, Roadkill Art.“

– Jeff „Grave“ Griffin

CHARLESTON, SC, US, Sep 23, 2022 / – The „Roadkill Art App“ made for its venerable mission of using roadkill for consumption joins the thousands of other people who also know Roadkill, all game meat, good to eat. The „Roadkill Cook Off Festival“ is the only festival in the world for festivals such as Cannibals to connect and share road recipes. On September 24, American chefs and cooks with their favorite meat, be it bear, deer, elk, raccoon, possum, armadillo or squirrel, will cook their favorite dishes in hopes of winning the title of „Best Chef on the Road.“ The „Roadkill Art App“ will show how the app quickly locates a roadkill near any desired location. Chefs and festival chefs will be able to get to road meat faster than ever before.

Although we continue to advance technologically, America is not shying away from outdoor activities, people are spending more and more time hunting and fishing enjoying bushmeat even three years ago. The Roadkill Art App enhances the meat-eating experience of the current generation of tech experts with a determination to find already reported roads by watching a 30-second video showing real-time roadkill by size, type and condition. Get fresh venison, raccoon, or squirrel meat in a skillet, pot, or on the grill before the vultures demand it. Once the app is installed, Roadkill can be found anywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. The Roadkill Art App helps put the millions of animals that end up in car crashes each year on a table, letting Americans know there’s plenty of meat on hand.

The Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce hosts a „Roadkill Cook Off Festival“ in Marlinton, West Virginia, At the festival, Roadkill Art will show how easy it is to report a murder in the app by simply touching the orange bar, instantly marking a location, then getting a photo, a video, and a road evaluation from among the 8 options describing the situation. Record each kill report the way to list view (news feed) and map view where members can check to see what’s available near their location new and good to pick up, hourly, daily or weekly. Not everyone will take on the road, the preparation and cooking of game meat requires special skill. But everyone can report the accidental killing of that person or group that wants it and knows how to turn it into delicious and flavorful meals. Every kill report on the road helps not throw away edible meat, especially the big game that goes a long way.

The West Virginian’s long-standing tradition of eating a road killer gave birth to the annual „Roadkill Cook Off Festival“ in Marlinton, where roadside dining was a response to the city’s scarce resources. I’ve long rejected the idea of ​​wasting food by West Virginian, which pays thousands to trek through the mountains to Marlinton annually to try local delicacies from the road. State Farm Insurance for 2021-22 has put West Virgina at the top of the list of states where a single driver is most likely to run into an animal. Although West Virginia is not one of the largest states in the USA, it is the state with the highest number of road accidents and has been according to State Farm for many years.

Ready to help West Virginia and 49 other US states by organizing an annual roadkill inventory is the „Roadkill Art App“. Introducing new road technology with GEO processing, instant uploading of images and short videos, and reports listed cumulatively by date. The app saves members time and fuel used to drive to an accident that is no longer in good condition. Upon finding a reported new road kill, this informs the members that they must grab the necessary supplies and someone to help load up that big game, knowing that a lot of meat will soon be in the freezer.

„National Roadkill Day“ on the same weekend as the „Roadkill Cook Off Festival“ is celebrated with Roadkill recipes, to raise awareness of the value of roadkill as a food source. Join Roadkill Art’s Facebook or TilTok pages for new recipes. Roadkill Art will celebrate being the host of „National Road Kill Day“ on September 25, with recipes posted in the app from the „Roadkill Cook Off Festival.“ Get ready to meet the world’s best road chefs, and stack your Roadkill recipe pile with a slew of new meat dishes. One of the more bizarre but fun days to celebrate, National Road Killing Day introduces the idea of ​​not wasting food, using a food source delivered to us, and learning that road kill is edible when picked up quickly. Alaska and West Virginia, with their massive amounts of roadkill, were putting road wrecks on the tables long before the rest of us were able to get past Yuck! With the „Roadkill Art App“ teaming up with „National Roadkill Day“ and „Roadkill Cook Off Festival“ to offer game meat recipes of all kinds of funky meat dishes, many people who have never eaten venison, wild boar or squirrel can Or possums get an idea to give game meat now a try.

Roadkill Art invites meat lovers and those who wish to become roadrunners to be part of a unique community. The simple task of reporting road accidents in the „Roadkill Art App“ can save Americans plenty of meals, giving safety a lot more to do.

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