Trombone Champ Is A Very Bonkers Top 10 Selling Game On Steam

Silly cool trombone champ interface, with a very excited trombone player.

screenshot: holly wow

It simply couldn’t be better to be one of the top 10 selling games on Steam right now Trombone ChampSim, very funny, very funny trombone.Guitar champ A game from one of the most interesting developers in the field. But it’s also amazing, given the absurd ambiguity of the game’s themes.

I’ve been watching games Trombone ChampDeveloper, Holy Wow, for over a decade now. of leadership Icarus Broadbottom in: The Curse of the Chocolate Fountainwhere a man pushes himself across the sky with the power of his own pipe, to the set of endlessly funny multiplayer mini-games, Writing Party Icarus BroadbottomAnd everything in between, indie developer games have made me laugh for many years. Which I say is mainly to be proud that I knew them before they were cool. Wow, husband and wife team Dan Vecchitto and Jackie Lalli are awesome right now.

„No and no!“ says Vecchitto when I asked him if any previous games in Holy Wow had this kind of success, and if he was expecting it this time. Previous games were a bit bad, with Fichito making it clear that he was a self-taught programmer, but rose above the ranks of his peers because of their damned laughter. Trombone Champ Shows another evolutionary step forward, it’s Nintendo Mii-like graphics and a great user interface that fool the game of extreme stupidity.

holly wow

in Trombone ChampYou should try to play the trombone through a file guitar hero-Like the interface, move the mouse up and down to match the impending lines, while holding the „toot“ button as they go through the left side of the screen. Except for the mouse movement is reversed (you can toggle this, but do you have to?), disgustingly unstable, and the whole thing is intentionally cumbersome. Which leads to fun times. Fun times definitely deserves a hit, covering all the mainstream gaming sites that usually ignore such weird indie games, and is ranked 10 in the top Steam’s new schemesBut surely no one expected that?

Vecchitto explains via Twitter DMs: „I always thought the concept was funny, and I expected that various videos of the game might go viral, but I didn’t really expect the game itself to take off as well as it did.“ So why does he think it might be? „Seems to hit a lot of audiences: casual gamers; real music game fans; real brass players; ska fans (it turns out there are a lot of those!); etc. Even then, I’m kind of perplexed as to why this thing took off as it happened „.

I wonder if that means he might want to republish his previous library of games, and now the rest of the world has finally woken up to Holy Wow. He probably shot them in gold-plated chests. “I would really like to make HD Icarus Broadbottom teaches writing! Ficheto gets excited at once. As he might. As Nathan Grayson (late this parish) once wrote, Icarus Broadbottom teaches writing unbelievable.“ And it really is, although somewhat old-fashioned, that it was launched in 2013.

“I would also like to make an update print party And it’s making more arcade cabinets,” continues Vekito. “We currently have one print party Cabinet in Wonderville in BrooklynIt is tempting to achieve more and try to distribute it to independent arcades across the country.”

„But with Trombone ChampSuccess,“ Dan adds, „I think we’re going to spend some time on this. Not bad, for a game made during evenings and weekends, about a full-time job. Whereas previous Holy Wow games were more split between the married development team, Trombone Champ It was akin to a solo project. „I’m comfortable wasting my nights and weekends at such a stupid game, but I also didn’t want to ruin my only husband’s free time,“ Vecchitto explains.

You can, and you should, Pick up previous Holy Wow games via Itch, because it’s amazing bloody. Then you can pretend you were great too, Before all this new success based on Steam.

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