In Fessenheim, post-central gizmos are fake

As if the potion wasn’t bitter enough…this Wednesday, September 21st, our newspaper colleagues Alsace In an article titled “ After Fessenheim eats broth », the company’s total failure to replace the jobs destroyed by the infamous nuclear power plant shutdown.

Franco-German mixed economic company Novarhéna, founded in 2021, to dissolve in October without any projects „, the local newspaper noted.“ With no projects to execute, Novarhéna decided to sink herself. The Franco-German Sem (…) will meet next month with only one agenda: dissolution.For the Alsatian (Renaissance) MP Lara Million, who has been president of Novarhéna for ten months, the first is the question of the cost of stopping, which has already started half of the capital “Explain this article. For taxpayers, small banknotes still amount to €500,000.

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what happened? However, the city promises mountains and wonders: 130 million businesses, the expansion of the Rhine port, and the creation of the most important industrial area, Eco-Rhena. All sponsored by Novarhéna, it covers 220 hectares. Yes, but that’s it: environmental constraints, the initial 220 hectares will become 80 hectares in 2021. In July 2022, the consortium that manages the Rhine port, the owners of Eco-Rhéna, by announcing themselves, gave Novarhéna the fatal blow to develop the space. Novarhéna therefore no longer has objects. “ Something must be done for Fessenheim. It has to be Franco-German.We created a Sem that cost half a million euros and was useless „To conclude with Raphael Shellenberger, Vice President of the Republic of Alsace.

cuckold twice

Here’s Fessenheim being cuckolded twice: in addition to being deprived of a well-functioning nuclear power plant, the municipality unexpectedly discovered that the compensation offered to the municipality turned out to be a bogus gadget. Remember, since Emmanuel Macron on September 5th still confirmed “ Fessenheim is a plant that has not had maintenance work for more than five years and confirm that its close is “ the most rational choice ”, without any security or production factors to justify the decision, which was made by François Hollande and approved by his former economy minister after he became head of state.

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If Fessenheim is indeed the oldest plant in our fleet – investment halted from 2015 as closures loomed – the Nuclear Safety Authority emphasises that it stands out in a „positive“ way compared to the average. 2020 is the last year the site is in service, with Atomic Police stating that “ The number of major events announced during reactor production is lower than the fleet average „.

This is also driven by the information report of the National Assembly of 6 October 2021: “ The hearings conducted left no doubt that the safety and security of the plant did not lead to the shutdown of the reactor.Fessenheim nuclear power plant is no less safe than the national nuclear fleet, quite the opposite „, write the rep.

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