France Day: Samsung Led and Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs at their lowest prices in Boulanger

Looking for great deals on the latest generation of Samsung TVs? Currently, Boulanger is offering hundreds of euros discounts on certain models, with a very substantial small bonus.

Whether you’re addicted to movies, sports (football and Rugby World Cups coming up!), video games, or all of the above, a spacious and efficient TV is a prerequisite. On this French Day, Boulanger is offering a range of discounts and special offers, not to be missed on several models of Samsung Led, QLED and Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs.

A brief introduction to Neo QLED technology. This is a new generation of Mini Led LCD panels based on quantum dot filters for more precise control of brightness and excellent color fineness. The image has a boost in detail and contrast, especially on larger TVs. The technology also allows for thinner panels, enabling ultra-thin and immersive designs. Plus, with 4K or 8K resolution and HDMI 2.1 connectivity, the NEO QLED TVs in this Boulanger selection are ready for the latest generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles.

gifts for gamers

Take the 49-inch Samsung Neo QLED 4K (QE43QN90B) as an example 1,090 EUR instead of 1,190 EUR. Boulanger provides Xbox controller and access Three months of Microsoft Game Pass service. What Samsung added 100 EUR refund offer.

For those looking for a big diagonal at an affordable price, Samsung QLED 138cm (55″) 4K 100Hz 899 euros instead of 1190 euros is a good plan. If you want to go bigger, the 189cm (75in) Samsung LED 4K 50Hz is available. €899 instead of €999.

The Samsung QE55S95B 2022 OLED TV (55″) integrates the Box TV app and game center for playback without a console.He benefits from a reimbursement offer of 200 euros and sees his price from 2,190 to 1,790 EUR. Add products to basket to view promotions.
As for the Samsung QE65S95B 2022 OLED TV (65 inches), it goes 2,490 euros instead of 2,990 euros (by adding it to your basket) and get a 200€ refund and the Samsung HW-Q600B soundbar!

Photo of the 2022 Samsung QE55S95B OLED TV in the living room

OLED TVs provide the perfect balance between movie and video game experiences.

© Samsung

Are you looking for a separate soundbar?The Samsung HW-Q800B soundbar benefits from a €100 discount from Boulanger and is available via From 699 euros to 599 euros !For a home theater-like listening experience, enjoy the Samsung HW-Q990B Sound Bar at 1,490 EUR, and his €200 refund offer. A unique experience guaranteed!

Multifunction TV

Are you one of those people who think a TV should look just as good when it’s on as it is when it’s off?Let yourself be seduced by Samsung The Frame QLED 4K 1,190 euros instead of 1,390 euros. The special thing about this TV is that it never really turns off. When not in use, it displays artwork drawn from a hundred paintings or personal photographs.

The light sensor adjusts its lighting based on the room it’s in, and uses a motion-detection system to instantly switch to desktop mode when it’s no longer in use. To reinforce this decorative side, The Frame uses interchangeable frames. To be precise, the Boulanger promotion comes with great benefits, as Samsung offers a personalised frame in walnut, teak or lacquered white.

A photo of Samsung's The Frame TV, which can be used as a frame

Samsung The Frame TV can also be used as a frame.

© Samsung

Finally, those looking for a high-end display with a large diagonal and high performance can turn to the Samsung QLED (QE85Q80B) 85″ 4K 100Hz 2,990 euros instead of 3,590 euros.

For a very large program not included, Samsung NeoQLED (QE65QN800B) 8K from 65 inches to 2,790 euros instead of 3,287 euros Its One Connect remote control box, slim 15mm design and Dolby Atmos spatial sound will amaze your eyes and ears.

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