Desktop PCs: Why build your own when this perfect machine with an RTX 3070 is slashed at this price on French Day?

good news Desktop PCs: Why build your own when this perfect machine with an RTX 3070 is slashed at this price on French Day?

The most popular gaming resolution is undoubtedly 1440p (or 2K for short), as it offers the best ratio between graphics quality and computing power needs. Basically, having a beautiful image without spending money is the best option. Nonetheless, hardware is not free, and being able to install a compatible PC requires a certain amount of expertise and some financial means. Fortunately, thanks to French Days, perfectly adapted PCs have seen their prices drop.

France Day: Fixed gaming PC with RTX 3070 under €2000

Originally, Cybertek’s CP thanatos was priced at 2299 euros at launch. But as always, rates come down a bit over time. As can be seen from the website page, the price observed over the past 30 days has fallen below the psychological level of 2,000 euros.

At a price of 1999 euros to be precise, it is quite interesting for such a powerful PC with only high-quality components from the catalogues of the biggest brands installed.

Here, there is no Pegatron OEM equipment in the series machines sold by major assemblers like Pegatron, HP or Lenovo. The advantage, of course, is the ability to easily upgrade your machine over time, keeping it up to date for many years.

Buy Thanatos Installed on Cyber​​tek for 1999€ at Cyber​​​tek

Company quiet! Known to players and widely used as it provides many components of the machine. So the case is a mid-sized Pure Base 500FX Black tower case, and the cooler is a Pure Rock 2 FX, one of the benchmarks in terms of heat pipes.

In this case, there’s an MSI B550-A Pro motherboard that houses an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor. The processor has 6 cores and 12 threads and oscillates between 3.7Ghz and 4.6Ghz in boost mode. At the memory level, we are entitled to 32MB of L3 cache. In short, the 5600X is an excellent choice for games that don’t cost a fortune.

The chip is backed by 16 GB Corsair Vengence RGB DDR4 3200 memory in the form of two 8 GB DIMMs. The good news is that there are two slots available, which can easily increase the total RAM to 32GB. For the storage level, we utilize a 1TB Western Digital Blue SN 570 M.2 SSD. It’s not the fastest model, but it’s very capable of hosting your games or operating system while delivering a decent amount of performance.

If you want more, know that the motherboard offers a second available M.2 slot. So you can add another M.2 SSD without any problems.

Finally, to run your games, we have access to an ASUS TUF RTX 3070 V2 graphics card, which offers a large heatsink with heatpipes and a pair of axial fans. So we’ll be able to play games in relatively quiet environments, or take advantage of the cooling power to overclock the GPU and get some FPS. Specifies that this PC has Windows 11 Home installed.

Buy Thanatos Installed on Cyber​​tek for 1999€ at Cyber​​​tek

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