DBT: DBT: 1.5 million euros to upgrade its technology – 23 Sep 2022 08:45

As a pioneer and European specialist in the field of electric mobility, the DBT Group (Euronext Growth – ALDBT) provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the energy transition.

The French company announces it has received a grant of 1.5 million euros

Linked to React-EU, the European recovery fund. The aid will fund innovations deployed in its new fast and ultra-fast charging ranges.

Receiving this grant is an important step in the group’s growth strategy. key players in the fast charging market,

DBT is currently experiencing strong growth and 3-digit growth

This is made possible by the match between high-performance products and the technical and financial requirements of the market. This aid will strengthen the means to support the three pillars of industrial policy strongly committed to ecological sustainability.

  • more efficient technology

    : Launching a new series in 2023 with two to three times faster charging, compliant with future communication and payment standards

  • Steady industrial strategy

    : Priority is given to local supply of products produced by employees recruited in the Hautes-France employment area to reduce lead times and production times

  • Commitment to the Environment

    : Reliable infrastructure with high maintainability, extending its lifespan and reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Thanks to this subsidy, it covers almost 85% of the investment

By 2023, DBT plans to employ up to 15 people at its factory in Brebières. The boosted announcement serves as a reminder of the company’s efforts to fund its development plans. In July 2021, DBT had announced a France-Relance subsidy to increase the capacity of its northern factory tenfold by expanding production space and purchasing high-end testing equipment.

The technical project of DBT was selected by the Hautes-France region, which is the decision maker for the allocation of Feder REACT-EU funds. React-EU is “

Cohesion and Restoration Aid for European Territories

The purpose of this envelope is to provide financial support to project sponsors to contribute to economic recovery. The plan prioritizes ecological and digital transformation for a smart and sustainable post-pandemic recovery.

I would like to especially thank the Hauts-de-France region, which supported us with this grant. The pursuit of excellence in the design and manufacture of complex technical equipment drives us to innovate to provide market solutions that are reliable, fast and easy to maintain. This funding will allow us to strengthen the edge we are successful at today: quality products with a sustainable industrial model. This is the challenge of this funding scheme, which highlights the regions‘ expertise in developing ecologically sustainable solutions for future mobility. »,

DBT Managing Director Alexandre BORGOLTZ concludes

About DBT

Founded in 1990, DBT is an industrial group specializing in energy management to develop urban spaces and charging systems for all electric vehicles. Originally a supplier of current transformers, the group now offers 4 activity ranges:

  • The DBT Ingénierie subsidiary provides access control and energy distribution solutions, as well as low voltage current transformers.

  • For more than 30 years, the DBT-CEV subsidiary has been a recognized player in the field of innovative charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The company has created a wide range of normal (3 to 8 hours), accelerated (1 to 3 hours), fast (-30 minutes) and ultra-fast (-20 minutes) charging stations. In 2018, DBT-CEV 100% updated its range of 7kW cabinets, 7/22kW terminals and latest generation fast chargers, from 50 to 150kW for all vehicles on the market, future 350kW and 150kW/900V chargers for electric trucks and buses. With more than 2,500 fast chargers installed in 37 countries, DBT-CEV is a major player in the European electric vehicle market.Discover our range of chargers at

  • The R3 subsidiary is accelerating the transition to greener mobility by addressing the challenges hindering the adoption of electric vehicles: R3 offers users a network of ultra-fast charging stations with terminal powers up to 150 kW. More information on R3:

  • Educare, a DBT subsidiary, was established in 2016 and specializes in the training of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (IRVE) and the training of certified electric vehicle service technicians.

The DBT Group, headquartered in Brebières, Haute France, has been listed on Euronext since December 2015.

DBT Group – Horizon 2000 Park – Rue Maurice Grossemy – 62117 Brebières

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